SIG: Adoption and Diffusion of Information Technology



The Special Interest Group on the Adoption and Diffusion of Information Technology (SIG ADIT) is celebrating its 30th year and will again host a pre-ICIS workshop for people interested in information technology adoption and diffusion (DIGIT). DIGIT will be held on Sunday, December 15, 2019 in Munich. The theme this year is “IS Innovation Adoption, Use, and Diffusion: How Ecosystems Matter".

The emergence of digital ecosystems is an opportunity to reinvigorate the study of IS innovation adoption, use, and diffusion, because they bring to the fore several contextual considerations that are still under-theorized. These include network effects, which alter diffusion dynamics and complicate adoption decisions as well as architectural choices that undergird an ecosystem, which can constrain or aid the evolvability of a digital ecosystem. Furthermore, data is the lifeblood of ecosystems, and the extent to which it is created, exchanged, traded, and circulated within and across ecosystems calls for renewed attention to the role of information privacy, IS security, institutional norms, and regulations in adoption and use behavior.  Given the theoretical and practical importance of digital ecosystems for IS adoption and use, the 2019 DIGIT workshop provides an opportunity for IS innovation researchers to come together and generate vibrant discussions and exchanges of ideas about this new development. Please see our DIGIT 2019 Call for Papers for further details.

Submissions Due: Extended to Friday 6th September 2019.
Notification of acceptance or rejection will be made in mid-October.

Submissions. All submissions must use the Pre-ICIS DIGIT template

Faculty members and doctoral students are encouraged to attend and participate in the round-table discussions and poster sessions.

In order to foster the workshop atmosphere that has developed in previous meetings, registration will again be limited to about 50 people. Refreshments will be provided to attendees. You can register for DIGIT during the regular ICIS registration process. As only a limited number of seats remain available, please register at your earliest convenience.


Please contact one of the following persons for further information about the workshop:

Sven Laumer
Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg 

DIGIT Workshop Chair 
Genevieve Bassellier
McGill University, Canada

DIGIT Program Co-Chair 
Christian Maier
University of Bamberg

DIGIT Program Co-Chair 
Jean-Grégoire Bernard
Victoria University of Wellington


Looking for information and papers for past DIGIT Workshops? 
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 2017 - Seoul, South Korea    proceedings    The Bright and the Dark Side of IT Use  cfp  
 2016 - Dublin, Ireland    proceedings    Technology Adoption, Use and Diffusion Research at the Crossroad  cfp  
 2015 - Fort Worth, Texas    proceedings    Exploring the Information Frontier in Adoption and Diffusion  cfp  
 2014 - Auckland, New Zealand    proceedings    Reflection and Looking Forward: A Journey of 25-Year Technology Adoption
 and Diffusion Research  cfp  
 2013 - Milan, Italy    proceedings    Embracing Theoretical and Methodological Breakthroughs in IT Adoption and
 Diffusion Research  cfp  
 2012 - Orlando, Florida, USA    program    Delivering e-Services in the Digitally-Enabled World Economy  cfp 
 2011 - Shanghai, China  program  Adoption and Diffusion of Information Technology in a Globally Connected World  * cfp 
 2010 - St. Louis, USA  proceedings    Reflections of the Past and Gateway to the Future of Adoption and Diffusion
 2009 - Phoenix, USA  proceedings    Adoption and Diffusion Research: What Matters Next?
 2008 - Paris, France  proceedings    Ethics, Design and Diffusion: Future Directions for Information Systems
 Research in a Global Community
 2007 - Montreal, Canada  proceedings    Crossing Boundaries in IT Diffusion Research
 2006 - Milwaukee, USA  proceedings    Technology Adoption: Past, Present and Future
 2005 - Las Vegas, USA  proceedings    Non-Adopters, Non-Adapters, and Post-Adoption Rejection: Inhibitors to the
 New Frontiers of IT
 2004 - Washington DC, USA  proceedings    Understanding the Micro-Macro Linkages of Individual, Group, and
 Organizational Adoption/Diffusion
 2003 - Seattle, USA  proceedings    Beyond Acceptance: Investigating Post-Adoption Phenomena
 2002 - Barcelona, Spain  proceedings    Beyond Acceptance: Investigating Post-Adoption Phenomena
 2001 - New Orleans, USA  proceedings    Beyond Acceptance: Investigating Post-Adoption Phenomena